Over the last 12 months, parents and Old Brightonians have been making a donation of £1,000 to 'sponsor' and leave a dedication to each of the boys. It has been a really moving project, and we are now very close to our fundraising target. We have been asking supporters to help us to remember each boy, and now have 103 boys remembered individually, with 44 more to go.

When I was looking through the Roll of Honour of Old Brightonians this week, I came across two boys who were only pupils of the junior school, who later went on to serve in the war. At the time the junior school was boarding, and so these boys not only attended the school but lived here too.

Reginald Pope and Henry Etlinger, have yet to receive a dedication, and I thought it would be great if, as a Prep School community, we could come together to sponsor these two boys - £2,000 to raise.

Whether it is £20 or £100, anything you can contribute will help, and we would be extremely grateful.

Harry Hastings
Head Master Brighton College Prep School

Old Brightonians from the Junior School: