Vincent Waterfall (BC. 1907-09) 2nd Lt. Royal Aero Club, shot down 22nd August 1914, aged 22. The first British officer to be killed in action in the Great War.

Vincent Waterfall (BC. 1907-09) 2nd Lt. Royal Aero Club, shot down 22nd August 1914, aged 22. The first British officer to be killed in action in the Great War.

As the College commemorates the centenary of the Great War, one question looms large: what exactly should we remember? The Great War has disappeared from living memory, and has been reduced to some conveniently-packaged, bitesize chunks: mud, trench foot, shellshock, No Man’s Land, barbed wire, machine guns, lions, donkeys, gas, poetry, poppies, futility, waste.

If we are to take the centenary of the Great War seriously, then we must not be satisfied with a simplistic view. The 100th anniversary is a chance not just to repeat a familiar narrative but to look in more detail at the real and wide-ranging experiences of those who took part in the Great War. It also involves asking some questions that challenge our own preconceptions: Why were the British people prepared to accept losses that today would be unacceptable, and why didn’t the soldiers not simply refuse to fight, given the horrors they faced? In spite of the military blunders and dreadful conditions that they faced, many ordinary soldiers continued to believe in the necessity of the war to defend civilisation, and protect Europe against aggression; they fervently believed that their sacrifice would ensure a peaceful future.

In total it is recorded that 976 Old Brightonians served in the British, imperial or allied armed forces. This table records their placement:

British Serving Dead Colonial Units Serving Dead Allied Forces Serving Dead
Army 747 111 African 6 American 4
RN/RM 31 6 Australian 14 3 Arab 1 1
RFC/RAF 75 14 Canadian 16 6 Belgian 1
Red Cross 2 Indian 63 3 French 5 2
YMCA Driver 1 New Zealand 5 Italian 1
S. African 3 Russian 1 1

The 2014/2015 Fourth Form pupils and their families were each assigned one name from the Roll of Honour as part of our Lest We Forget Project. Their task was to discover all they can: where he was born, where he lived, when he was at Brighton College, and how and where he died. The quality and depth of the research undertaken, and the amount of time taken by some pupils and families, has been truly inspirational. We have discovered more than we thought possible about the lives of these boys, and this will ensure that our commemoration will leave a lasting legacy. 

These boys left our gates never to return.  Their stories are told in the Roll of Honour. We are asking friends and supporters of Brighton College to join with us to commemorate the 149 Old Brightonians who died. 
Our aim is to remember every pupil who sacrificed his life.

LEST WE FORGET PROJECT, Brighton College 2014/15
With thanks to our 4th Form Pupils and Families 2014/15:

Mark ADARICH Aldrich
Luca ADEWALE Durnford
Sagar AGRAWAL Leconfield
Chris ALBERTYN Abraham
Christian ALEPPO Durnford
Alice AMESS Williams
Emmie AXELSEN Williams
Isla BACKHOUSE Fenwick
Archie BALDOCK Abraham
Alex BARBIERI Hampden
Alice BARNES Seldon
Natasha BAYNHAM Chichester
George BIRKELAND Leconfield
Claudia BISHOP Chichester
Askar BIZAK Head's
Sam BREWER Hampden
Tomas BRIGGS Head's
Ellis BROWN Aldrich
Heather BURROWS New House
Alexander BUSHELL Leconfield
Maddie CARR Williams
Daisy CHADWICK Williams
Toby CHAMBERS Head's
Emily CHETWOOD Chichester
Joshua CHEUNG Jong Yu Leconfield
Arthur CHING Head's
Marcus CHISHOLM Hampden
Jack CHIU School House
Joelle CHOW Fenwick
Ivo CHRISTIE Aldrich
Elias CLARK Aldrich
Heather CLARK Chichester
Conor CLARKE Head's
Violet CLAY New House
Joseph CLAYSON Leconfield
Woody COOK Leconfield
George COOKE Ryle
Amber COUSINS Chichester
Lillian COX Seldon
Edward CRITCHLEY Hampden
Millie CRITCHLOW Seldon
Luke CULLEN Ryle
Craig CUNNINGHAM Durnford
Charlie D'ARCY Aldrich
Oscar DAVISON School House
Louis DE WARDT Head's
Neill DI LUCIA Head's
Anya DOBSON Seldon
Floyd DOUBTFIRE Hampden
Henry DUNFORD Aldrich
Daniel DUNLOP Durnford
Luc EBENEZER Hampden
George EISMARK Head's
Felix EMBREY Head's
Hannah EVANS Chichester
Sam EXELL Head's
Charles FARTHING Hampden
Sebastian FIELDHOUSE Hampden
Rory GABRIEL Leconfield
Ella GEORGE New House
Lexi GHAZI Seldon
Luke GOOD School House
Annabel GOODMAN New House
Vignesh GOPINATH Aldrich
Orlando GRANT Durnford
Henry GRAVES Abraham
Ombaashi GRECH CATO Durnford
Mara GREENWOOD Williams
Jake GRIEVES Leconfield
Jessica GUY Chichester
Jess HAJI Aldrich
Matthew HALES Durnford
Jack HALL Abraham
Benjamin HAMPEL Aldrich
India HARRIS Williams
Oscar HARVEY Ryle
Raquel HEADLEY Williams
Suki HEALEY Seldon
Jamie HEAP Abraham
Alice HEAP Fenwick
Tom HEAP School House
Yasmin HENDERSON Williams
Kit HEY Aldrich
Alex HICKS School House
Lelia HOAD Seldon
Elizabeth HOLLAMBY New House
Ella HONEY Seldon
Shadman HOSSAIN Ryle
Polly HOWARTH Williams
Henry HOWESON School House
Kristina HUCKSTEPP New House
Connie HUNTER Williams
Oliver HUTCHINGS Head's
Monty JACKSON Aldrich
Sophie JAIN Williams
Marçal JANÉ-HEIDSIEK Durnford
Alice JEFFREY Seldon
Teddy JOHNSON Head's
Teri KEJVALOVA Chichester
James KENT Durnford
Jessie KINGDON-LEACH Fenwick
Oliver KIRWAN School House
Georgie KNIGHT Seldon
Holly LAMBE Seldon
Thomas LEEDS School House
Max LEVITT Abraham
Scotty LEWIS Leconfield
Anna LEWIS Williams
Isabel LOUBSER Seldon
Owen MA Abraham
Tariq MANJI Durnford
Luca MARCHAL Abraham
Henry MASON Durnford
James MATTHEWS Leconfield
Milo MAUNDER Hampden
Jake MAY Durnford
Phoebe MAYHEW New House
Finn MCFALL Leconfield
Antony MCGOWAN Head's
Charlie MCGREGOR Head's
Spike MILLAR Head's
Jamie MILSOM Ryle
Vishwas MISHRA School House
Erin MITCHELL Williams
Sankalpa MITRA Ryle
Harry MOORAT Aldrich
Oliver NDUKA Durnford
Harry NEWMAN Leconfield
John NORMAN Durnford
Harry NORTH Head's
Cormac O'BRIEN Hampden
Voke OGUEH Williams
Isobelle OKONKWO Chichester
Jessica OLLIVER Chichester
Pat ONGVASITH School House
Ines OUALI Seldon
Theo PARKER Durnford
Tom PARTRIDGE Leconfield
Paras PATEL Ryle
Alejandra PATHE PASTOR Fenwick
Jessica PAVEY Chichester
Max PAWLOWICZ Leconfield
William PEARCE Leconfield
Madelaine PINK New House
Oscar PITKETHLY Head's
Ben PLUCK Hampden
Dan PLUCK Hampden
James POCOCK Abraham
Vlad POPOV Aldrich
Frankie POSNER Seldon
Megan PYBUS Chichester
Thea REEDMAN New House
Seth RENSHAW Hampden
Inigo RHODE Durnford
James RILEY Hampden
Imogen ROGERS Seldon
Gabriel ROSS Leconfield
Luke SABIN Head's
Tine SAGEMO New House
Katie SANSBURY Williams
Felix SCHLEIF Ryle
Charlotte SEARE Chichester
Akshaya SELVARAJU Williams
Kate SIM READ Chichester
Angus SIMPSON Ryle
Roop SINGH VIRK Durnford
Benjamin SKERRITT Leconfield
Andrew SMAILES Abraham
Luc SMITH Leconfield
Finn SNAPE Hampden
Jack SNELL School House
Harry SPRINGETT Head's
Samuel STEMP Aldrich
Tom STOKES Head's
Alec STONE Abraham
Meggie STUART Seldon
Libby STURGEON New House
Maya STURGEON New House
Alvin SUEN Head's
Ursula SULLIVAN Chichester
Emma SUN Chichester
Nathaniel SWIRSKY Abraham
Tomer TARRAGANO Aldrich
Louis TARVIN School House
Thomas TAYLOR School House
Oliver THOMPSON School House
Sophie TREVILLION Williams
Emily TSO Fenwick
Elliot TURNER Aldrich
Finlay TURNER-TROTT Durnford
Charlotte UNDERWOOD Fenwick
Patrick VAN DER VELDE Leconfield
Theo VAN VLIET Hampden
Wiggert VERMEER Ryle
Alicia WARREN Chichester
Grace WILLIAMS Fenwick
Callum WILLIAMS Hampden
Eleanor WILLS Chichester
Martha WILMAN Fenwick
Martha WILSON Seldon
Gabriel WOOLLEY Ryle
Kevin YANG School House
Max YOUNG School House
Sam YOUSIF Aldrich