Corporal, Army Pay Corps.
Born: December 13th 1899
Died: September 14th 1919

Age at Death: 19

Died, September 14th 1919.
Son of Alfred R. Traffod of Pavilion Buildings, Brighton.

A donation to the memorial statue has been made in honour of this soldier by Roger Saunders (Al. 1963-68).

A donation to the memorial statue has also been made in honour of this solider by the Thompson and Carden Family.

Corporal Christopher Lee Trafford
Christopher Trafford was born on the 13th December 1899 in Tarvin, Cheshire. His parents were Alfred and Edith Annie Richmond and he had a younger sister, Ursula. His father was a bank manager whose profession appears to have made him move to 14 Pavilion Buildings, Brighton in 1911. He was a pupil at Brighton College (Hampden House) between 1910 and 1916 where he received a French effort prize but appears, unusually, to have played little or no sport.

After leaving the school he worked briefly as a Bank clerk before enlisting in the Army Pay Corps where he became a Corporal based in Warwickshire. It appears from subsequent medical records both that he contracted tuberculosis in October 1918 and that he suffered from tachycardia (i.e. an abnormal heart rate) and it may be that his failure to play sport at school as well as to serve in what was essentially an office role in the army was as a result of chronic ill health. He was invalided out of the army 21st May 1919 as physically unfit and then died a few months later on 14th September 1919. 

Source: LEST WE FORGET PROJECT, Brighton College 2014/15